Creative Electronic Drumloopz is a collection of electronic sounding loops that are useful for every creative loop geek. Audio arrangers like Acid, sequencers like Logic, Cubase or Cakewalk, hardware or software samplers like Gigasampler or Emagic's EXS24 - Creative Electronic Drumloopz can be used on any platform, thanks to the WAV format.

Following the slogan "creativity and usablility" we realized the following concept:

Creative Electronic Drumloopz contains 100 so called Basic Loops - groovy, electronic patterns from soft to hard in varying tempos. With each Basic Loop there comes a sample without the bass drum and a Loop Construction Kit made of the single tracks of the pattern, i.e. bass drum only, snare drum only, hi hat and percussion etc. The Basic Loop can be re-constructed from these samples. Used in a sequencer or sampler, you can create remixes or variations with your own effects and cuts.

But that's not all. Of course, MEMI also thought of those who prefer to use readily arranged drum loops. That's why you'll find additional Variations coming with the Loop Construction Kits. They feature different arrangements, more swing feeling or something similar. Apart from that, there are one to four so called Filter Loops. If you like grungy sounds, try those: lofi, overdrive, resonance. Thus, the CD contains about 400 loops!

The loops use the Windows WAV format as this is one of the most used formats for a wide range of hard- and software. First of all, each audio software running under Windows reads this format. Most of the MAC software can access these files, too. Finally, a lot of hardware samplers and synthesizers are able to import WAV files and use them within their synthesis engine, e.g. Akai S5000/S6000, Yamaha A3000/4000/5000 und EX-Serie, various EMU samplers, Kurzweil K2000/2500/2600, GEM S2/S3 Turbo, Equinox etc.

Creative Electronic Drumloopz is divided into several sub-folders to provide a better overview. Of course, you can use Windows Explorer or your audio software to select or pre-listen the loops, as the folder structure provides you with all information needed. However, this electronic booklet has some advantages, as you can look for loops easily, using the CD Index page. By clicking on the loop names, you can even pre-listen the samples from within your browser (if your sound card is connected via MME or OMS drivers).

In the folder drumloops, you'll find the sub-folders ballad, club, elec-pop, funky, latin and undergrnd. However, these headlines don't propose a certain style but give you a hint in which direction the loops go. So, please, don't expect typical latin rhythms in the latin folder. It's more like a "latin touch", while the loops remain quite electronic.
Each of the categories is sub-divided into even more folders. Each loop resides in its own folder. They are numbered and contain the tempo in bpm. The folder 03_120, for example, contains the third loop of the selected category. Its tempo is 120 bpm. Within this folder, you'll find the following WAV samples:

The file names of the loops are DOS compliant, i.e. they're no longer than 8 characters. Following our "usability" premise, we took this step to provide all users with properly readable samples, as some samplers are not able to recognize the ISO format with up to 256 characters. Using the abbreviation chart, you get an overview over the abbreviations we used.

The Bonsai