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Roland JD-990 Soundbank

JD-990 Mix

Programmer Size Archive Format Bank Format for
Thomas Polaschek 20 K ZIP MID Roland JD-990


This soundbank does NOT work with the Roland JD-800 as it uses special parameters and samples of the JD-990.

And that's how to load the soundset into your synthesizer:

SYX format: This format is widely spread in the PC world and can be read and sent by a variety of sequencers, bankloaders, dump utilities and editors (e.g. Cakewalk, Cubase, Dumpster, WinSysex, Sound Diver). Load the soundset into the respective program and send it to your synthesizer (please follow the manual of your synth and software, respectively).

MID format (Standard MIDI File): This is a format that can be used by most MIDI sequencers on all platforms and many of the hardware sequencers. The files contain the sysex data and are simply played back with your synthesizer connected to the computer/sequencer (please follow the manual of your synth and software, respectively).

BEWARE! When you send the data to your synthesizer, its RAM banks will be OVERWRITTEN! Please don't forget to backup your RAM sounds!

The Legal Stuff

These sounds are distributed as FREEWARE. It is allowed to copy and distribute them freely, but they always have to come with this text. Neither the author nor MEMI can be held responsible for any damages that you or this software cause on any part of your equipment, peripherals or software!

Commercial use of this software is strictly prohibited!

Programmed, compiled and edited by Thomas Polaschek, 07/2000.

Please send questions, remarks and constructive criticism to Thomas Polaschek

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