About MEMI-Makers

MEMI Makers is the part of MEMI where you can read about the making of electronic music, the equipment you need and what you have to care about when you are into home recording. In recent years, the so called home recording became more and more important as it is easier and cheaper now to produce your own music within your living room. High tech electronics became available for hobby musicians as well, computers become faster and the step to your own CD is just a small one for you, now.

However, as with all computer based technology, a lot of questions and problems arise. You cannot just mix up a few musical elements. They have to be carefully arranged, mixed and recorded to sound decent. Crashed computers, wrong handling and frustration about manufacturers and the music industry are the brake rather than the throttle of your creativity.

MEMI Makers wants to offer a platform for all facets of electronic music production, a platform for all recording artists, be they novice or pro, if they work with audio arranging software of synthesizers, samplers and mixers - MEMI Makers is right for you!

... as long as you're able to read German. At the moment, MEMI is available in German only, due to a lack of writers who would be able to translate every single article. However, there is some content with an English language option:

  • Downloads - here, you'll find free sound banks for some popular synthesizers, samples, drum loops and environments for Emagic's Logic Audio
  • MEMI CD - MEMI produces a yearly CD called hiddentreasures where home recording newcomers are presented. Highly acclaimed by several music magazines, this might be your chance to present yourself to a big audience... Just visit our CD site and read how to apply.
In addition, we offer a special service to any manufacturer of electronic music equipment or software: Hot news are published in German in our Infobox. There, they can be read by an increasing crowd of MEMI readers and are additionally sent to the subscribers of our news letter. Just send an e-mail to presseinfo@memi.com if you want us to release your info. More details on co-operations with MEMI can be found in this section.
Apart from that, we will of course try to answer your questions in English as well. Just send an e-mail with your feed back to makers@memi.com.

Of course, you can contact the people behind MEMI directly as well:

Dipl.-Inform. Rainer Buchty
MEMI co-ordination, programming, technical administration, hard- & software development.
Dipl.-Inform. Martin Rothhaar
co-ordination MEMI-Makers, marketing/distribution, hiddentreasures-project, graphics/design
Christian Baum
co-ordination Equipment & Recording, translations, sound programming
Thomas Polaschek
programming, technical administration, sound programming

Please have a lot of fun with MEMI Makers!


Martin Rothhaar Rainer Buchty Christian Baum Thomas Polaschek


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